• We are a leading supplier of Li-Ion battery management systems for industrial applications. LiTHIUM BALANCE is 100% focused on battery management and provides two separate battery management platforms to ensure complete industrial application coverage. LiTHIUM BALANCE is a full service partner capable of providing knowledge and assistance in all aspects Li-Ion battery technology implementation.   …
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Toyota BT reach truck trialled with a LiTHIUM BALANCE supplied battery soltuion
Toyota BT have trialled a Li-ion battery powered reach truck at a large Danish warehouse distribution centre. The truck has been used for a year in a cold store application.
A cleaner sweep
Case Study: Tennant UK have launched the World's first Li-Ion battery powered, street sweeper using an innovative LiTHIUM BALANCE developed battery solution
Complex Management
Technical Article: A review of some of the features in the latest version of the LiTHIUM BALANCE s-BMS battery management solution
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