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A compelling business trend is growing. Battery powered vehicles for material handling are changing and on the move into decades to come.

More specifically, the conventional Lead / Acid batteries are increasingly being replaced with Lithium ion-batteries due to improved business efficiency, customer service and climate friendliness.

This means great news for manufacturers, distributors and service providers within the industry of battery powered vehicles.

Due to the rapidly matured Lithium ion technology, we are now facing strategic growth opportunities in terms of joining the movement and delivering highly competitive advantages to the end customers in material handling operations.

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Case Story

Lithium ion battery technology revolutionizes operational competitiveness in a cold store distribution company.

Understand how replacements of Lead/Acid-batteries in the battery powered warehouse trucks derive great savings and higher business efficiency in cold store material handling.

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Case Story

Intelligent Lithium ion-battery technology fits LEAN material handling in medical device company.

Understand how electric trucks with Lithium-ion battery technology provides valuable efficiency insights to the LEAN material handling operations.


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Trend Analysis

Get a fast glimpse into the involving trend of replacing Lead / Acid battery powered vehicles for material handling and industrial operations, and how it is applied.



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Comparative Analysis

Get to understand the benefits of Lithium ion-batteries compared to Lead / Acid batteries. It's all about efficiency, intelligence, cost-effectiveness, lifespan and much more.



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An executive opnion
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Battery Management

Are you familiar with the competitive advantages of intelligent Battery Management Systems (BMS)?

Watch this presentation - and find about the intelligent way to service batteries in vehicles for material handling.

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